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Christian Wilson - Organist

"Christian Wilson is a magnificent player, with a wonderful technique and passionate enthusiasm which goes hand in hand with clear-sighted intelligence."

Journal of the British Music Society, 2010

"Wilson worked the pedals of the Stahlhuth-Jann organ like a hundred-armed Ganesha: impassioned, almost possessed by the music, Wilson had complete mastery over this extraordinarily complex instrument."

Luxemberger Wort, 2008

"...incredibly imaginative accompaniment from Christian Wilson"

BBC Radio 3

" excellent organist of considerable flair and technique."

Dundee Courier

"...he knew how to use a romantic organ to its best effect...memorable uses of colour...wonderfully rapidly changing dynamics and chimaric use of colours."

Scottish Federation of Organists

"There was no doubting the mastery of both the composers and the soloists as they carried us on their journey through the movements, transported with joy and delight."

Eastern Daily Press

"Max Reger's Benedictus was given the best performance this reviewer has ever heard."

Scottish Federation of Organists